About us

While we were spending a few years in Santiago de Chile my wife suffered from skin irritations when using conventional deodorants. We were looking for alternatives. As we are both from Germany we followed the German media. In 2012 the topic of aluminum in deodorants was controversely discussed in the Media and there was a huge debate and confusion among consumers in Germany. Especiallly the documentary “The Age of Aluminum” from the Austrian filmmaker Bert Ehgartner heated the debate.

There was no transparency of which deodorant do contains aluminum chlorides and which do not. So we decided to create the website: www.deoohnealuminium.de, which introduces products and brands that have developed alternatives to aluminum chlorides. This website has become very popular in Germany and was even cited in the German and Austrian main stream media. We were not only approached by the consumers who gave us tips which products on the market are aluminumfree but also by the manufacturers who started marketing their products with the label “aluminumfree”.

As the topic is now discussed worldwide among consumers and manufacturers we also built websites for the Spanish speaking world www.desodorant.es and this website in English.

We are also listed on Beauty Directory