List of aluminum free deodorant brands

The issue of aluminum chlorides in deodorants has been discussed among manufacturers, scientists and consumers for a couple of years, now. There are different points of view in the interpretation of scientific research. One group of industry representatives and scientists sees no potential health hazards caused by the regular use of aluminum salts in deodorants.

The other group, mainly scientists, warns of the potential risks that can be caused by the aluminum compounds. Clear scientific evidence that the aluminum compounds present in deodorants cause, in particular, breast cancer does not yet exist. However, consumers are already alarmed and are consciously looking for deodorants or antiperspirants that do not contain aluminum chlorides. And the offer is growing!

Below you find a list of deodorants without aluminum. For sure, the list can never be complete. If you have discovered an aluminumfree deodorat that is not on the list, please contact us through at

Deodorants and antiperspirants without aluminum are available from both the conventional brands, the private labels of drugstores and supermarket chains; as well as the Natural Cosmetics brands.

The products from the natural cosmetics producers are usually based purely on herbal ingredients, which are primarily organic and renounce animal testing.

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List of deodorants without aluminum

As not all products are available in the UK, we have put together a special list for the UK here:

Aluminium Free Deodorants in the UK

All-natural and organic Cosmetics

Popular all natural aluminumfree deodorants

Handcrafted Deodorants

….OR Make your own natural homemade deodorant

Medical Body Care

Conventional Deodorant Brands

  • 8×4 Deodorants
  • Adidas Cotton Tech Aluminum Free Women*, Cotton Tech Fitness Fresh, Cotton Tech Pure Powder, Cotton Tech Icy Burst, Cotton Tech Pure Lightness, Adidas Dynamic Pulse 24HR Deo Stick
  • ARM & HAMMER Essentials Solid Deodorant, Fresh und unscented
  • Axe Deodorants
  • Avon On Duty Aluminium-Free Roll-On Deodorant
  • Baxter of California Citrus & Herbal-Musk Deodorant
  • Biotherm Natural Protect
  • Bionsen Deodorants (UK)
  • Calvin Klein cK one Deodorants und Deo Stick
  • Denim Orginal Deo Spray
  • Dove Whitening Deodorant Silk Dry
  • FA Fantasy moments, Luxury Moments, Pink Passion, Purple Passion Deodorants
  • Forever Living Aloe Ever-Shield
  • Herbal Clear Deodorant Stick – Sport, Deodorant Stick – Aloe Fresh
  • Menscience Advanced Deodorant
  • Nivea Deodorants without Aluminum Nivea Deodorants Fresh Natural*, Fresh Active Deodorants and Stick
  • Nivea Men Protect & Care Aluminum Free 48h Deodorant Roll-On
  • Old Spice Deo Stick Original, Deospray Hawkridge, Deospray Wolfthorn
  • Ombra Spa Deodorants*
  • Playboy Deodorantsprays
  • Rexona Aluminum free Spray Deodorant*
  • s. Oliver Men Superior Deo Stick
  • Soft & Dri Aluminum Free Deodorants: Sweet Bliss, Powder Fresh
  • Soft & Gentle 0% Aluminium*
    : Floral, Active, Care – UK
  • Speed Stick Deodorants
  • Tabac Original: Deodorant Spray, Natural Spray, Roll-on und Deodorant Stick
  • The Body Shop: For Men Maca Root Deodorant Stick und Spray
  • Vichy 24h Deodorant Care Stick


Download List of aluminumfree deodorants

We are trying to keep this list up to date, however, we cannot guarantee that the information is always correct. Manufacturers might change their formula. No products are always launched, some products might be taken off the market. So, we advice you to always have a look at the list of ingredients to make sure the product is aluminumfree.

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