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Hippy Paste – Dedorant Cream

Hippy Paste is a range of handmade deodorant creams, made in the UK by Earth Conscious, a small business founded by the two moms Angela & Elly.

The idea behind Earth Conscious is to develop products that are better for the human body and the environment. After bringing a range of natural and reusable eco friendly products to the market, Earth Conscious is now focussing on Natural Deodorants.

The Hippy Paste is a deodorant creme paste that is hand-made with 100% natural ingredients, except the Sodium Bicarbonate (same as you use for baking cakes) which is impossible to be classified as organic and the beeswax, which is very hard to classify as organic, as bees tend to roam where they chose to find food.

Hippy Paste Deodorant Cream without aluminum
The rest of the ingredients is made from Soil Association certified organic ingredients. Since the product contains coconut oil as its main component, the texture changes slightly depending on the temperature. If it’s cold, like it is now as I am writing this in January, it gets firmer and if it’s warm it gets softer.

Hippy paste uses all-natural essential oils to fragrance the deodorants at low and safe levels. It is a creamy paste that’s easy to apply. You just need to put a small amount gathered on your fingertips to cover your underarm area.

It is a natural deodorant that actually works. I’m currently using the scent Lavender. It’s fresh and relaxing. My wife who is suffering from neurodermatitis also used it and it doesn’t show any form of reaction.

Hippy Paste comes in a robust metal tin, perfect for travelling, that contains 60 g (2.1 ounces). Sounds little but it lasts for ages. The tin is actually made of aluminum, but that is not the type of aluminum we should be worried about. However, the paste is free of aluminum salts, such as aluminum chloride, that are heavily used in anti-transpirants.

It also does not contain any parabens, palm oil, carcinogens or toxins and poses no danger to marine life when washed away. It’s not been tested on animals. According to Earth Conscious it is so natural that you can even eat it. Well, I haven’t tried it …, yet 🙂

Other scents available are:

  • Citrus (with organic lemon essential oil and organic orange essential oil)
  • Mint (with organic peppermint essential oil and organic spearmint essential oil)
  • Tropical (with organic lime essential oil and coconut essence)
  • Ylang Ylang (with organic ylang ylang essential oil)
  • Pure (unscented)

The product is quite a bargain with just £5.00. If you order 4 it comes with free shipping in the UK and Europe.


  • No aluminium, parabens or carcinogens
  • Allows your skin to breath and perspire naturally
  • Totally cruelty free (not tested on animals)
  • Supports healthy marine life
  • Recyclable packaging, no plastic
  • Suitable for men, women and teens
  • EU registered and certified


Certified organic coconut oil, certified organic arrowroot powder, certified organic shea butter, sodium bicarbonate, beeswax + certified organic essential oils